An extra mile,an extra long ismile.

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I was beginning to wonder whether it was worth it that i took an extra mile for the people i took it.
An extra mile to see the smile of some of my favorite people.Setting aside my family.I no longer have those people around me to even share whats happening in my life.Why I did it in the first place,Was it a waste of time?Did I do it expecting it back like a kid?No.I did not expect.I wanted their acknowledgement of me being their friend.I wanted a strong bond that would last long.But it so went in vain most of the times,I have stopped trying.I cant bear the thought of losing a friend again.So,no extra mile for people I really like,and they complain that I dont care.:).Irony,I say.



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I might as well graduate in foolishness.This is not the first time,its been recurring.I know I know,its like a recursive loop like a friend said.Grrrr!!!But will someone hit the escape button??I seem to have lost linearity of thoughts these days.And I also suffer from blank page syndrome.

Lowe Lowe Lowe ….

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I had never given a valentine’s gift in my life.It made me feel nervous,jittery and more nervous.The anticipation of how the other person would react on getting my gift was filling me with endorphin levels that i never had i guess.I was starting to blush and a shy smile crossed my face when I  imagined the scenario.And I wanted to reach quickly…My impatience made me walk fast with the gift in hand.It was not an expensive gift…Just a bunch of red roses.I knew it would be perfect!Dint realise all the while I was walking that people were  looking at me and were giving me this knowing smile “you got valentine-d!”Being someone who never believed in celebrating valentine’s ,I couldnt believe what I was doing!!!Awwwwww!!!

At the door,I dint know how i was supposed to give the gift….Do i kneel down and say,’mmmm….!!’Say what???Say bloody what?????I did not see this coming…!!So I just knocked and stretched out the bunch of flowers and hid myself.The door opened,there was a “Oh my god“,”that looks amazing” and” I dont remember when I got a bunch of red roses before!!” I was thrilled.The gift worked.And I got the warmest hug ever from my first valentine.I think we are officially a couple now. 🙂


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Do infants enjoy infancy as much as adults enjoy adultery?


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Sulking at a corner
Her eyes rolled wide
To the lil things around
Picking on everyone she saw.

A soft touch dint simmer her down,
One harsh look dint do her good,
Friendly pushes made it worse
And food from foe got all the curse!


•March 19, 2010 • 1 Comment

Sometime back,a li’l while ago
There was a tear in my eye
A small li’l drop-
I let it float
To freeze it there
For a reason I cant fathom.

Lest it fall,
I knew I wont be the same,
I knew I wont be strong,
I knew I had to force it back ,
Into the corner of my eye.

joie de vi·vre!

•February 20, 2010 • 1 Comment

I saw a reflection
Of  the bricks of my wall
On the screen of my core,
And I sniffed for a second
For the mess of my room.

A huffy accountant
And a sentient manager,
In the middle of it all,
Is the trifling officer in me,
Trying to cognize
The work of my fate.

Its the cold and snappy winds
The smell of dung
The orange of the jowars
The lustrous yellow of sunflowers
Oh,and the screeching rail lines
That maketh my world now.

Nostalgic birthdays
Of parties and drinks,
Drown into the school
Of a hungry hundred or two
Making sense into living-
A quarter of a life!